Features of Yamaha Music Education System

Structured system of music education for children and adults

Yamaha Music Foundation provides music education through courses designed for a broad range of students, including children, youths and adults, from beginners to those who wish to acquire a high-level of music ability, as well as pre-school children as the basis.
The foundations of this idea began with “Music Class for Pre-school Children”, in Tokyo in 1954. Later, this class developed into the Yamaha Music School, designed to teach music from the fundamentals.
After extensive, practical experiments, the present Yamaha Music Education System, embodying our own methods, was established with the objective of bringing out children's potential and nurturing their capabilities to express themselves through music.
Today, Yamaha Music Schools have developed into a large system with more than 607,000students and 18,300 instructors at 4,700 locations in the world. More than 5 million students have graduated from our school.

Yamaha Music School develops children's music ability by three characteristic approaches.

Comprehensive Music Education, Timely Education, Lessons in groups

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