Guitar FundamentalsGeneral Regulations (Syllabus)


Open to all persons, regardless of age, academic record or nationality. There are no age or nationality restrictions for candidates seeking to take any of the grade examinations.

Dates and Locations

Contact the local Yamaha Music School for exact dates and locations.


Application forms may be obtained from the local Yamaha Music School.

Examination Fees

Inquiries concerning fees should be made to the local Yamaha Music School. All fees are payable in advance.

Allotment of Marks

A total of 75% or more with no less than 60 points for each subject and required to pass.


Candidates will be notified of examination results by the local Yamaha Music School.
We do not accept any inquiries about the results.


Successful candidates will receive certificates which specify the subject and the Grade in which they have been examined. These certificates will not certify that the holder is qualified to teach.

Validity of Examination Result

There is no time limitation to the validity of the Fundamentals certifications.

Conduct of Examination

Follow the instructions given by the person in charge. Candidates for the Fundamentals examination must bring writing implements.

Registration Number

A permanent registration number will be given to candidates at their initial examination. From that time forward, candidates must apply with the same registration number regardless of the subject or grade for which they apply.
Candidates who are not sure of their own registration number should contact the local Yamaha Music School.

Absences and Postponement

The candidate will be considered "Absent" if he/she does not come to the examination at the assigned time or he/she does not take the examination for which he/she applied. A postponement will be accepted only under unavoidable circumstances, not for personal reasons, such as inconvenience.
Please contact nearest Yamaha Music School or subsidiary/distributor for further details.


The Syllabus for Guitar Fundamentals Grade is below in PDF format.