Electone Grades 5-3List of Compulsory Pieces for Electone Performance Grade Examination

Effective from January 1st, 2008, new codes for the compulsory piece have been applied.

Choose the required number of pieces from the list below. Pieces without code numbers or pieces not listed below will not be counted as compulsory pieces. If candidates do not meet the requirements, they may disqualified.

Collection of Electone Original Works Grade 5 Vol.1 (TGT137360)

New Code Title Composer
B-503 Early Spring Tomoko Noji
B-502 Merry-go-round Chie Uchiyama
B-524 Legend of the Sea Ayaka Naritomi
B-508 Sonata Maki Yamada
B-512 A Merry Violin Akiko Kawata
B-525 Run, Hamster Seiya Naritomi
B-526 Fantasy Waltz Hisako Tokunaga
B-531 The Journey of Starlight Anna Nakamura
B-532 A witch in the black forest Kie Onomura
B-533 Dwarves at Work Shiori Matsugi

Collection of Electone Original Works Grade 5 Vol.2 (TGT137370)

New Code Title Composer
B-511 A Legend of Nome Azusa Ono
B-521 The Barley Field Ayumi Tanaka
B-523 Sunday Drive Kimiko Nakagawa
B-527 In the Autumn Fields Maho Taniguchi
B-514 March of Aspens Kaori Tabata
B-522 Marionettes' Mysterious Adventure Tomomi Ohshika
B-530 March of the Card Soldiers Maiko Hondoh
B-518 Athletic Meeting in Animals' Village Mari Kamimoto
B-506 A Tale of the Peaceful Rain Mikiko Ide
B-534 Snow Fairies Mako Kuwabara
B-535 Nostalgia Madoka Miwa

Collection of Electone Original Works Grade 4-3 Vol. 1 (TGT137380)

New Code Title Composer
B-301 From the Meadow Wind Blows You Keiko Tanimura
B-306 Shooting Stars Toshiko Shimomura
B-316 A Triumphal Song of Sky Kyoko Ogawa
B-315 Angels Dancing with Stars Kyoko Nakajima
B-320 Early gray tea in the afternoon Saki Yamamoto
B-321 Concert in the King's Palace Yuko Nakaoki
B-322 Transfiguration of a Clockwork Doll Kasumi Yamamoto

Collection of Electone Original Works Grade 4-3 Vol. 2 (TGT137390)

New Code Title Composer
B-314 Traveling on a Cloud Mari Kamimoto
B-308 Serenade Kwah Eng Ann
B-302 A Brave Cavalier Saori Iwauchi
B-305 Journey on a Balloon Kiyoko Ogino
B-323 Gift of the sea breeze Kana Sasaki
B-324 Funny Cats in Moon-light Keisuke Yamada
B-325 In Autumn Hitomi Saito
B-326 Sequel to my dream Shoko Saito

Electone in Classics Grade 5 Vol.1 (TGT136970)

New Code Title Composer
C-501 Overture Suite No.2 BWV1067 J.S.Bach
C-502 String Quartet Op.9-4 2nd Mov. Menuett F.J.Haydn
C-503 Motet "Ave verum corpu" K.618 W.A.Mozart
C-504 Symphony No.36 "Linz" K.425 3rd mov. Menuett W.A.Mozart
C-505 Piano Sonata No.20 Op.49-2 2nd mov. Menuett L.v.Beethoven
C-506 Ave Maria F.Schubert
C-507 Hungarian Dance No.5 J.Brahms
C-508 Waltz "Voices of Spring" J.Strauss II
C-509 The Moldau from the cycle of Symphonic poems "My Fatherland" B.Smetana

Electone in Classics Grade 5 Vol.2 (TGT136980)

New Code Title Composer
C-510 Suite "Pictures at an Exhibition" Promenade M.P. Musorgsky
C-511 Salut d' Amour E. Elgar
C-512 Rêverie C.A. Debussy
C-513 March of the Little Leaden Soldiers G. Pierné
C-514 Ancient Airs and Dances for Lute III, Italiana O. Respighi
C-515 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers L. Jessel
C-516 Rumanian Folk Dances, Stick Dance B. Bartók
C-517 Rumanian Folk Dances, Hornpipe Dance B. Bartók
C-518 Classical Symphony, 3rd mov. Gavotte S. Prokofiev
C-519 Children's Music Op.65 March S. Prokofiev

Electone in Classics Grade 4-3 Vol.1 (TGT136880)

New Code Title Composer
C300 8 Little Preludes and Fugues No.1, Prelude BWV. 553 J.S. Bach
C326 8 Little Preludes and Fugues No. 6, BWV. 558 J.S. Bach
C312 Flute Quartet No.1, K.285, 1st mov. - Allegro W.A. Mozart
C328 Symphony No.25, K.183, 1st mov. W.A. Mozart
C337 Romance for Violin and Orchestra No.2, Op.50 L.v. Beethoven
C313 Sonata for Arpeggione and Piano, D.821, 1st mov. - Allegro moderato F. Schubert
C306 Fantastic Symphony, Op.14, 2nd mov. - Waltz H. Berlioz
C316 Symphony No.4, Op.120, 3rd mov. - Scherzo R. Schumann
C330 Opera "La Gioconda" Dance of the Hours A. Ponchielli
C331 Opera "Carmen" Prelude G. Bizet

Electone in Classics Grade 4-3 Vol.2 (TGT136890)

New Code Title Composer
C332 "Souvenir of Hapsal" Op.2 Song Without Words P.I. Tchaikovsky
C321 "The Sleeping Beauty" Waltz P.I. Tchaikovsky
C318 Suite "Pictures at an Exhibition" Bydlo M.P. Moussorgsky
C307 Slavonic Dance No.1, Op.46-1 A. Dvořák
C334 "Recuerdos de Viaje" Op.71 Rumores de la Caleta (Malagueña) I. Albéniz
C333 "Pelléas et Mélisande" Op.80, Prelude G. Fauré
C319 "Petite Suite" En Bateau C.A. Debussy
C336 "Peter and the Wolf" Op.67, Peter's Theme S. Prokofiev
C336 "Peter and the Wolf" Op.67, March S. Prokofiev
C310 Gayne Dance of Rose Maidens A.I. Khachaturian
C320 "Masquerade" Waltz A.I. Khachaturian
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