Electone Grades 5-3Performance Grade Makeup Examination (Electone)

Effective as of January 1st, 2008, makeup examination system for performance grade (Piano and Electone) has been introduced.

Eligibility for the Makeup Examination

Candidate who meets the following may take a performance grade makeup examination

Candidate who took a performance grade examination in all subjects and failed to pass and Has a mark of at least 50% in each subject and Has at least 70 points total score or at least 30 points in 'Repertoire'.

Validity of Makeup Examination

Candidates can take makeup examinations as many times as they wish as long as it is within 2 years from the day when the candidates took all subjects of the examination in which meet the qualification requirements for application of makeup examination.

Date of Examination in all subjects : March 25, 2008
Valid until March 24, 2010

  • If the candidate applies for the same Performance Grade examination in all subjects during the valid period for makeup examinations, the latest result of examination in all subjects will be recorded and all marks will be updated. The privilege of taking makeup examinations prior to this time will be forfeited.

Subjects of Makeup Examinations

There are total of 3 subjects (Improvisation, Sight Playing, Repertoire) from which the candidate may choose one to two subjects upon application.

  • After application, it is not allowed to change the subject/s.
  • If the candidate apply for the subject/s and does not take it/them at the examination, he/she will receive zero for the subject/s.
    If the candidate is absent on the makeup examination day, the points acquired in the previous examination will be effective.
  • The candidate must take both (a) and (b) for 'Improvisation' in the makeup examination.

Examination Fee

It is the same as the Performance Grade Examination Fee.

How to Apply for the Makeup Examination

The procedure is the same as regular application.
Be sure to indicate the correct code number(s) and the subject(s) applied for the makeup examination on the application form.


If the candidate acquires 75 points or higher in total, and over 50% in every subject, he/she will pass the examination as a whole.

  • If the candidate fails the makeup examination and the result of the makeup examination does not meet the qualification requirements for the makeup examination (less than 70 points in total, or less than 30 points in Repertoire), the eligibility for the makeup examination lasts for 2 years.


  • Application fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • On receipt of exam admission slip, please check if everything is correct (subjects to take, grade level, etc.). If there is something different from what the candidate applied, please contact nearest Yamaha Music School or subsidiary/distributor.
  • We cannot accept any request for correction on the day of examination. If the candidate fails to claim the change, he/she must take the examination in the subject(s) indicated on the exam admission slip.