Fundamentals Grades 5-3Aural Test

Dictation of a Melody with Chordal Accompaniment Played on the Electone

The melody will be played by a floppy disk inserted into the Electone.
  Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 3
Form fo the Piece A melody with chordal accompaniment of the level shown in the examples (Grade 5open new window, Grade 4open new window).
*May includes accidentals.
A melody with chordal accompaniment of the level shown in the examplesopen new window.
*May include a modulation.
Length 4-bars (May begin on an up-beat) 8-bars (May begin on an up-beat).
Key/Tonic Note Key and its tonic note are given beforehand.
The time signature will not be given.
*Candidates shall identify the time signature by listening to the piece.
Harmony Mostly chord progression (cadence) with separate bass part Various progressions with bass part
Candidates are required to write the bass part and chord names or chord numbers
Kinds of Chords May includes primary triads, dominant 7th, I2 (2nd inversion of I) The Grade 5 chords plus secondary triads, simple inversions (I2, II1, etc.) The Grade 5 and 4 chords plus secondary dominant 7ths, diminished 7ths, augmented chords, etc. and various inversions
Procedure The entire piece is played five times with intervals of 30 seconds between each performance.

The piece will be played according to the following procedure, with an interval of about 20 seconds between each step.

  1. The entire piece (8 bars)
  2. The first 4 bars
  3. The first 4 bars
  4. The entire piece
  5. The last 4 bars
  6. The last 4 bars
  7. The entire piece
  • Candidates can write the dictation answer on the provided draft paper.
    Later, they can rewrite their final answers on the test paper.
  • Candidates are not allowed to take the draft paper back.