Fundamentals Grades 5-3Keyboard Work


Play an accompaniment to the given melody.
  Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 3
Contents & Level
  • A simple melody of 8 bars is given.
  • It is possible to play with primary triads and dominant 7th only.
  • Appropriate bass line for the cadence is required.
  • A melody of about 8 bars is given.
  • The choice of adequate bass line is required.
  • Secondary triads such as II, VI may be required.
  • A melody of about 12-16 bars is given.
  • Secondary triads and secondary dominants are required.
  • It may include a modulation.
  • First, play only the melody, thinking of the appropriate chords.
  • Then, play the melody with suitable accompaniment.
  • Time for preview will not be given for accompaniment.


Transpose the given 2-stave score as instructed.
  Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 3
Contents & Level

A simple piece of about 8 bars with bass line or chords in 2-stave score is given.

A 2-stave score of a level similar to that of the exampleopen new window.

A piano arrangement of a classical piece for orchestra or chamber ensemble is given.

Procedure The transposition may be: Major 2nd, minor 2nd, perfect 4th, or perfect 5th up or down. The transposition may be: in addition to the intervals given in Grade 5 & 4, major 3rd and minor 3rd up or down.
Play the given score first.
Then, transpose and play as specified.