Fundamentals Grades 5-3Subjects and Marks

The Fundamental Grade is designed to test knowledge and ability (other than performance), required to teach music. It consists of two sections - written section and practical section.

  Subject Marks
Practical Section
  • Solfege
    • (a)Melody Singing (50)
    • (b)Sight Singing with Accompaniment (50)
  • Keyboard Work
    • (a)Accompaniment (50)
    • (b)Transposition (50)
Written Section
  • Theory of Music (Grade 5)
  • Theory and 4-part Harmony (Grade 4)
  • Song Arrangement into Mixed Chorus (Grade 3)
Chord Progression 100
Aural Test 100
  Total 500

Pass Mark

A mark of at least 60 points in each subject and 375 points in total must be obtained to pass.
It is possible to take a makeup examination for the individual area which the candidate failed.