Fundamentals Grades 5-3Theory (Grade 5)/Theory and 4-Part Harmony (Grade 4)/Song Arrangement (Grade 3)

Grade 5
Theory of Music
Grade 4
Theory of Music 4-part Harmony
Grade 3
Song Arrangement into Mixed Chorus
  • General musical knowledge including scales, chords, rhythms, intervals, terms frequently used and music history, etc.
  • The knowledge of musical symbols and notation.
  • Identification of keys of a given passage of music.
  • In addition to subjects in Grade 5, reading of a score including transposing instruments and C clef, etc.
  • 4-part harmony including simple inversions and cadence.
  • Arrange a well-known folk song, children's song, popular music, etc. into a piece for 4-voice mixed chorus without accompaniment.
  • The length, style, and notation are not specified.
  • Although 4-part harmony style is the basic requirement, candidates may use any style of arrangement.