Plot in Montmartre

曲名/Song Title

Plot in Montmartre


Jade Venus/ジャッド ベニュス(11)[ピアノ/Piano]

演奏形態/Performance Styles



Marisa Mercade/マリーザ メルカード [バンドネオン/Bandoneon]





This piece is dedicated to the place where I was born, Montmartre, in Paris, where I found the two passions of my life, music and dance. With Tango in mind, you will listen a musical choreography where the piano and the bandoneon either get closer or distant of each other, in a kind of intoxicant ballet. The typical sonority of the bandoneon makes us travel in time taking us to the colors of the impressionist painters that did the history of Montmartre. And also the mysterious atmosphere, "L'intrigue", mixed up with the rhythm of the tango that translates my incapacity to choose between my two loves. I hope you can feel all the energy that comes from my music.

  • 年齢は収録時点のものです。