In Memory of Rocky

曲名/Song Title

In Memory of Rocky


カイリー シェイ スミス/Kylie Shea Smith(13)[ピアノ/Piano]

演奏形態/Performance Styles



ブライアン C. ウィルソン/Brian C. Wilson [ユーフォニアム/Euphonium]





My composition is a musical tribute to Rocky, who was my Godparents' dog. It was difficult for me when Rocky died, so I decided to compose this piece to honor his memory. I tried to capture the prominent moments in his life from when he was a puppy, his full happy life until when he got sick and his eventual passing. The last section of the piece describes the Rainbow Bridge, where Rocky will play and frolic until he is reunited with his family when he crosses it. I chose the euphonium because of its deep, rich and warm sound which perfectly matches the character of all the emotions I wanted to convey in this piece.

  • 年齢は収録時点のものです。